gaming career option

gaming career option

Top 10 Jobs for Gaming

Game Developer

  • After all, what studies must they do to become a game developer? This way, you can do a certificate course in game designing or development even after the 12th. However, you won’t learn much by doing this. So our advice would be to at least do a degree course in game development after 12th and work hard on it for three years. Then you can be a good game developer.

Game Designer

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees can be taken to enter this field. Many courses can be done in game design, game art, game animation, and game programming. To gain admission in these courses, normally candidates have to take the entrance exam.

Here is the list of exams like – NID DAT, UCEED, AIEED and CEED

Marketing Analyst

  • To become a MarketingAnalyst one must have a graduation in Marketing or related stream like Maths or Statistics. Apart from this, if you are doing any other course, then it should have subjects like Business, Marketing Research, Mathematics or Survey Design

Video Game Writer

  • The most common degrees for video game writers are creative writing and scriptwriting, though other English and literature-based degrees are useful when paired with coursework that includes fiction writing, conventions of storytelling, and use of narrative voice


  • An HND (higher national diploma) or degree in a relevant subject such as animation, film, television, photography, illustration, 3D/graphic design, or computer/computer-aided engineering will prepare you for entry into the profession. A postgraduate qualification in animation may also be advantageous

Video Game Artist

  • If you want to go into this sector, then after the 10th or 12th, you can do a game coaching or gaming designing course from any multimedia or animation course wall institute. Samuel, Samuel, and degree courses are available in this.

Game Tester

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, game design, or a relevant field preferred.Prior experience in a software QA environment.Strong familiarity with video game design concepts and hardware.Comprehensive knowledge of video game trends, genres, and industry.


  • Choose Your Game, Platform, and Genre. …
  • Practice Makes Perfect. …
  • Join a Gaming Community. …
  • Invest in Good Gaming Gear. …
  • Attend Local Gaming Events. …
  • Find a Team. …
  • Compete in Leagues and Tournaments. …
  • Get Sponsored.


  • To become a programmer it takes about four years, if you do B.Sc in computer science takes about three years, a diploma in programming duration is 3 years, while the ME/MTech course is 2 years.

Audio Engineer

  • Students are required to includetheir 10+2 qualifying exam resultsStudents applying for postgraduatecourses in Sound Engineering must havea Bachelor’s degree in the same field

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